Monday, October 31, 2016

Siv Delfin

"Siv Delfin" -- my detective SF novelette set in Vasilegrad, the capital of an alternate universe Balkan Federation -- is out now at The Future Fire (Issue #38).

Siv Delfin.

The nightclub in Bobinki Rid nestled in a baroque building once part of a tobacco tycoon’s estate, now owned by a branch of the Bug-eyed, where the first sample was found. The police chemists called the drug a depressant, a memory-suppressant, fear inhibitor, mighty curious molecule, a self-replicating wondrous African import, foaming at their mouths at the thought of studying it further—but to Claire it was yet another criminal thread managing to weave itself in Vasilegrad’s warp-weft, remaking her city, one strand at a time, from within.

Siv Delfin. The crime scene gave the drug its name.

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