Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Maturity and Solving Holly

My novelettes Maturity and Solving Holly are out now in two anthologies, currently available as paperbacks.

Maturity is part of the Contact: Stories of the New World anthology.

Contact: Stories of the New World takes you beyond the edge of the solar system into the uncharted horizons of deep space, where the spaces and dimensions in between are explored and worlds of mystery are discovered. New beginnings. Old fears. Persistence of vision. Here are the chronicles of the new world.  

Solving Holly is part of the Nuclear Town USA anthology.

There will come a time when everything we know and love will cease to exist. But how will such a disaster transpire - by nuclear warfare, ecological collapse, technological failure, perhaps pandemic? And how would we cope in our last hours, in catastrophe's wake? This theme of finality is explored in Nuclear Town USA, a collection of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction set across a diversity of scenarios and backdrops. From fast-paced thrillers to dark reflections, each story intriguingly captures frightening alt-realities surrounding humanity's twilight.

Alternatively, you can read both stories for free:

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