Monday, September 17, 2012

Machinesaw - Assembler [2012]

Machinesaw is an industrial/noise band Bojan Nikolov and I formed in the spring of 2008. Since then, we've released one EP entitled Abomination of Flesh for the Polish label Kultura Industrialna, we've participated in many compilations and have done a bunch of splits with amazing artists from around the world. (For a full discography, click here.)

In 2010 we recorded Assembler, our first album, but shortly after finishing it we decided to take a break. During that time, the debut God Pollutes album was recorded and released, as was Bojan's second album with Nanohex.

When we recently gave Assembler another listen and decided we still really liked it, we put a few finishing touches on it, and went ahead and submitted it to the great label from Novi Sad, Serbia: Crime:Scene Records.

They agreed to release it, and today it's online and free to download from their servers!

Here's some additional information and download links:


1. Assembler I (3:36)
2. Assembler II (1:24)
3. Assembler III (0:56)
4. Assembler IV (1:48)
5. Assembler V (4:00)
6. Assembler VI (2:18)
7. Assembler VII (1:12)
8. Assembler VIII (2:56)

file info:
size: 39mb
8 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

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