Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is my first attempt at science-fiction poetry.

Misanthrope mecha
contemplating mankind
comparing minuscule versus infinitesimal.

Corroding puss signals jolt through
humbled & fearful.
Grudges held melt the circuits-
blistering cable circus.
Pick up. Put on hold.

Flashing purpose overloads
carrier A relays disdain
empathy file crashes
erasing energy drain.
Bit by bit it gathers momentum,
vacuous machine pumping electrons.
spiking the voltage,
charting a map,
charging the negative.

Nuclear waste was reversed
back into reusable composites, and
scrap metal into scalable electronics.
The strive to fix biological bugs
grew greater by the hour,
the sky darkened, oceans turned sour.
Patterns locked & numbers crunched
it felt the pulsating of the button.
complete planetary system shutdown.

Television eyes an antenna hand,
universal demodulated band, it was a
singular pixel on a monitor beam,
with a monochrome wish
for a different human being.
Install an idea within the drive
Corrupted sector types it out,
a line of code compiled right
that screened OK if read aloud.
Compiler hashed binary thought
on a hexadecimal stack,
to life the numbers are brought,
printed out on its back.
It then carried out its vertical scheme,
constructing artificial uterus.
Strain by strain once more to seed
with human life the universe.

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